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Сontact lenses Dailies TOTAL 1

Сontact lenses Dailies TOTAL 1
Product Code: Dailies TOTAL1 (30 шт)
Price: 980 грн.
* optical power (PWR):

Dailies TOTAL 1 - is a one-day silicone-hydrogel lens of the new generation from the manufacturer Alcon. Innovative lens design, with a gradient moisture content, ensures the comfort of the lens when worn. A greater moisture content (80%) is on the surface of the lens, and a lower (33%) is in the center of the lens. This distribution prevents the lens from "drying out" and the appearance of dryness in the eye, provides a soft and comfortable glide of the eyelids with blinking. Silicone-hydrogel material in the center of the lens gives a high coefficient of permeability - this allows you to wear the lens from the very morning to the night (up to 14 hours).

                           Сharacteristics of the lens
Change Each day
Type wearing  daily
Material Delefilcon A
Water % 33%-80%
Base curvature, B/C 8,5
Diameter, DIA 14,1 mm
Dk/t 156
Power, Sph

 -0,50...-6,00 (step 0,25)

 -6,00...-10,0 (step 0,50)

+1,00...+6,00 (step 0,50)

UV protection no
Visibility tint yes
Packing  30 lenses/ price for 1 pаckage 












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