About Us

Luxor Optics - Optics network of salons in western Ukraine, the main strategy which since 2003 is to provide quality optical services based on advanced technologies at an affordable price. Our goal - to help you take care of your eyes.
Our mission:
Satisfy the need for high-quality optical goods and ophthalmic services to every customer has access to a wide range of fashion sunglasses, stylish and comfortable glasses, high-level medical and advisory services.
Our philosophy:
1. The quality assurance. Company policy is to continuously improve the quality of service achieved by the presence of continuous customer feedback and willingness to make quick adjustments to their activities.
2. Professionalism. The best proof of the professionalism is the numerous positive reviews about Optics Luxor from satisfied customers.
3. Modern technology. All the latest technological developments in the field of ophthalmic services within the scope of attention: we do not just watch them, but constantly improving its operations, looking for new mechanisms to improve the delivery of services.
4. We value our work. Our services are fully compliant spent energy and resources, the level of service provided, the quality of which is independent of the cost of services.
5. We value our reputation. We commitment to its principles more immediate benefits. Perfection reputation for the company above all!
6. We value our customers. Satisfied customers - is the best advertising, talking about their experiences on the quality of services received, purchased goods.
7. We value our team. Our team - a high-level professionals, in love with it work, which enjoy general respect and trust. Guests of the company can always be sure that every member of our team will do everything to ensure maximum impeccable service.
Optics Luxor - a whole range of ophthalmic services and optical products.



In our stores you will find a wide asortymten frames and sunglasses for both adults and children. Familiarize yourself with our range of glasses you can in our catalog, and came to the salon, immediately to try and buy sunglasses that will most suit your requirements.
Specialist Ophthalmologist and modern methods of diagnostics (computer diagnostics vision), to help choose an optimal correction for you to view high-quality and comfortable fit, taking into account the individual characteristics of the visual load.
Huge selection of corrective lenses as manufacturers of world renown (Zeiss, Essilor, Seiko, JZO), and less famous brands. Our consultants will help you to choose lenses that will be most suitable for your needs. Whether glasses for computer work, driving glasses, glasses for work or permanent wearing. Or versatile options: bifocal, multifocal or progressive glasses. Also always in stock a large selection of sunglasses (UV filter), polarizing lenses and permanent sales leader photochromic lenses (chameleons).
In our salons you can buy optical corrective and cosmetic (colored lenses) contact lenses of different manufacturers (Ciba Vision, Bausch & Lomb, Johnson & Johnson) and means to care for them, solutions, drops (artificial tears), tablets, tweezers , containers and so on. d.
Always available a large selection of accessories and care products for glasses: cases, wipes, sprays, chains.
Our master-optics perform warranty repairs glasses of any complexity. From installation screws to complex cases, righting replacement of specific components.
For all our customers a flexible system of discounts.
In all our eyeglasses and sunglasses company provides a guarantee of 12 months.
Always glad to see you in our stores!